Human Rights Films and Arts Festival

MUSIC at AFRICAnbamba festival 2012

 Music was central in AfricanBamba Thiaroye Film Festival, as instrument for attracting youth to the festival and for directly claiming through the lyric issues of human rights that affects  the youth in the banlieue, from unemployment to police abuse and environmental disruption such as flooding.

Thursday 6 December, Daara-J presented for the first time in Thiaroye a live concert with full band. Daara J (which in Wolof means "School of Life") are N'Dongo D, Aladji Man, and Faada Freddy, senegalese rapper famous at international level, with a music that takes influence from Hip Hop, afro-cuban rythms and reggae. As other african hip hop groups, Daara-J are active for human rights and peace. As Faada Freddy said: "We talk of peace and of how we like to live together as there are many conflicts nowadays. We are here for the Africans, to remind to everyone that it should be like this... live in peace and together... this is the only way to survive.

Saturday was instead the turn of Simon Djolof 4 Life, Hip Hop artist that after different experience abroad has now returned in Senegal to promote urban senegalese music with his label Djolof 4 life entertainment. Sector Tector, Seven Shots, african percussions Silaba, traditional music Sabar, Simb le faux lions, and Bongo and the acoustic guitar by Awa Sara Mondo had also animated the atmosphere of the festival and Thiaroye, at the Centre Culturelle Jacques Chirac all festival nights.