Human Rights Films and Arts Festival

AfricanBamba previous events


 AfricanBamba Human Rights Film & Arts Festival, 2012 - Thiaroye, Senegal

5 days music, film, arts, theatre and sport event focused on human rights and migration. Live concert by Daara J, Simon Djolof 4 Life, African traditional music. Films open air screening. Festival locations: Centre Culturelle Jacques Chirac, Malika Beach


Music curator

Human Rights Nights 2009 - Bologna, Italy

  • percussioni mandeng by Les Amis d'Afrique (Guinea)  
  • reggae concert by Light Soljah
  • afrobeat jazz concert by FlavourBeat

 Summer Jam 2009 - Bologna, Italy

  •  a two months summer festival every night in one of the main square of the city of Bologna, showcasing underground creativity from artists and musicians from Africa and Latin America living in Bologna, alongside popular Southern Italian music and arab hip hop and dance.

Human Rights Nights 2008 - Bologna, Italy

  •  Yakkar, African Traditional Drumming and Performance
  • Tamburi di Goreè, Djembe and Dance
  • Ghetto Eden, Dancehall

Films production

La Communautè, directed by Laye Gaye (Italy, 2008, 15') - everyday life in a rehab community centre of the juvenile prison in Bologna: youth tells their difficult early lives and express their dreams for the time they will be again free.

 Life in the City, directed by Laye Gaye (Italy, 2009, 30') - life of young Senegalese in Bologna, Italy: everyday difficulties of a life without documents, keeping their spirits high through music, sports and community liase, trying to not forget their dreams.