Human Rights Films and Arts Festival


AfricanBamba is a creative entity dedicated to the promotion of African music, cinema and style through festivals, live events, cultural projects, film productions, food and arts.

Started in Bologna, Italy for the active participation of young Senegalese to Human Rights Nights (international festival of cinema of human rights, founding member of Human Rights Film Network), AfricanBamba has now returned to its home - Thiaroye, Dakar in Senegal - to create opportunities for young people to artistically engage with social contemporary issues, develop projects for community empowerment and employment through the arts and share experiences of migration. AfricanBamba is also located in London, where through its food hub Le Baobab shares Senegalese street food and culture and create alliances for global events.

AfricanBamba Human Rights Film Festival 2012 was realised in partnership with Human Rights Nights, in collaboration with Movies that Matters, Puma.Creative, Italian Cooperation in Senegal, Brasilian Embassy in Dakar.

Further alliances and partnerships are sought at international levele with foundations, ethical donors, human rights and socially engaged organisations, film festivals, as well as African creativity and information hubs.  Please get in touch with us if you like to join us!